What is going to happen to San Diego real estate?

Is your mind running about what’s going to happen with your real estate investments or potentially buying or selling a home here in San Diego? Worst case scenarios and doomsday scenes flashing through your mind? Tune in for some optimistic outlooks down the line, some reality checks in the meantime, and why this is your best opportunity if you have a VA loan or are a military buyer

Best tips for Selling your home during Coronavirus

Are you in a position where you know you need to sell your home? Are you super worried about finding buyers with the volatile economy? Do you need to live in your home and you’re afraid of having people traipsing in and out during open houses? How do people even see homes during a quarantine anyway? Tune into this short video, check out this link for an example of how I figured out the solution for my clients! Two showings in the first 24 hours!

San Diego Coronavirus Eviction & Foreclosure Advice for Landlords

Are you worried about what’s going to happen if your tenants can’t pay rent? Are you worried about making your payments in light of the coronavirus and job and economic instability? Tune in for a short video and learn just what to do